New IGN First video : How crafting works

SeanMurrayWe have a new IGN video today that’s on how crafting works in No Man’s Sky. Vince Ingenito talks to Sean Murray about how some of the crafting works in the game and we get to see a new planet that we haven’t seen before.

There is a new article from IGN called “How I spent 2 hours in No Man’s Sky” also. Click this LINK to go read it.

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New Ign first video

BuildingIGN is doing another month of first videos for No Man’s Sky. The new video released today has the first official look at the Korvax alien race and much more we haven’t seen before.
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Listen to a song from No Man’s Sky

dac21b42a99703be520cc32fe7cfb012The music group 65daysofstatic did the music for No Man’s Sky and now you can listen to one of their songs from their album “No Man’s Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe” free on Soundcloud. The track is called Supermoon and you can find it and samples of other songs from them at the link below.