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No Man’s Sky is a forthcoming science-fiction game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe. The game will have a procedurally generated universe where all players take part in the same universe. While the solar systems and their inhabitants aren’t hand-built, the rules governing world creation and the seed from which everything springs is the same for all players, so the galactic sandbox is identical for everyone. On top of that, the game is meant to be played online, so discoveries and changes are shared to each player. Be the first to a planet and you get your name listed as discoverer, if you choose to share it with the world. Or you can keep it secret to try to hide its resources as long as possible. If you’re a fan of racing, you might want to try exciting online racing games like Drift Hunters for an added thrill.

VGX Awards 2013:

No Man’s Sky first appeared at the VGX Awards show in 2013. The game stole the show, as no one expected to see anything like it. View the premiere Video at the VGX site.

About This Website:

This website is created by me, Patrick Cranford “Petreak”. I have been a huge science fiction fan all of my life and I love Sci-Fi games as well. My first space exploration game was called StarFlight. StarFlight gave you a spaceship and let you explore solar systems and scan planets. You could even land on planets and use a land rover to look for resources and life forms. There was a sequel to StarFlight as well.
My second space exploration game would come many years later and be called Spore.
Spore was similar to StarFlight in the fact that you could explore space and planets, but it also let you start out as a small organism and evolve all the way up to a civilization that takes a spaceship to the stars.

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  1. And after Star Control 2 we really *didn’t* get another real space-exploration game until now. The first Mass Effect was about as close as we got.

    The “Andromeda” sequel to ME is at least bringing back the Mako.

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