The new update is out today for PC and PS4.
Here is the list of fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where large numbers of portal visits would be added to save files, greatly increasing the save size and impeding the ability to save the game. We’re aware there are still some players experiencing this issue, and we’re currently investigating any remaining reports.
  • Prevented the terrain editor draining in charge when editing empty voxels.
  • Prevented players being able to edit terrain outside their base radius for free while standing inside their base.
  • Fixed responses made to Artemis and Apollo at times being incorrectly tracked.
  • Prevented players being blocked from progressing if they decline to enter glyphs into a particular story portal.
  • Fixed instances where Atlas text was appearing as though it came from an NPC.
  • Fixed FoV in photo mode showing degrees as a temperature.
  • The discovery screen will now show images from a larger number of visited waypoints.
  • Added a placeholder image in cases where a waypoint image is not available.
  • Allowed scrolling of names on the discovery page which are too long to be displayed.
  • Fixed a graphical issue where a blur effect would be applied while teleporting.
  • Improved prioritization of systems you have teleported from when listing your most recent teleport locations.
  • Altered teleporters in space stations to allow players to teleport directly to other stations as well as to their base.
  • Improved ordering of icons on the galactic map to more accurately indicate missions and system information.
  • Increased maximum number of paths which can be rendered in the galactic map.
  • Improved appearance of the message displayed when your starship is out of range.
  • Fixed warning symbol on broken tech appearing too small.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused glyphs not to be awarded correctly.
  • Fixed an issue in tutorial messaging when you repair your pulse drive but nothing else before entering your ship.
  • Added the amount of units you will earn for a discovery to the Analysis Visor interface.
  • Added correct emotion animations for various interactions with NPC’s.
  • Fixed an issue when claiming a new base location (which caused base NPC’s to stop responding).

If you’re experiencing any further issues in the game, report them to Hello Games.