YouTuber EpicEthan33

image1Ethan is a young YouTube gamer who is playing No Man’s Sky. His videos are better than some adult players I have seen. Check out his videos and give him a like and subscribe to him. Click the link below to visit his YouTube channel.
EpicEthan33’s YouTube Channel.

New Screenshots

Planet from Cockpit View.This is one of my photo’s. I thought it was a great shot of the planet from my ships Cockpit. Thought I would share it with you all.

Planet on Horizon.This was a cool shot of a planet on the horizon. I have many more screenshots to go through, so I hope to post more soon.

No Man's Sky_20160829170943This last photo was submitted by  Paftronz 89 of a cool looking Cat like creature. They have a video as well. Check it out!

Thanks for the submission Paftronz 89!