New PlayStation video is a Newer Game Build

I think the new video put out by PlayStation is a newer build of the game than the IGN video we saw last week.
For one, the Korvax Banner in the same base in both videos is different.
Also, when we get to see the ship interior, you can see the planet information in the bottom right that shows Nitrogen, Oxygen and Other is reversed in the IGN video, but not in the PlayStation video.
IGN-PS-DisplaysSean gave pretty much the same demo in both videos, but with different versions of the game. That’s pretty cool!
It is curious that 2 different planets, or technically, 1 planet and it’s moon, give the same readout on atmosphere. I guess that may not have been updating correctly for some reason. I’m sure they will fix that soon.
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Different Korvax Banners?

After watching the 21 minute IGN video from last week,  I noticed that when Sean enters the Korvax Base, there are banners  with symbols on them, all around the room.



I decided to try and recreate the banner. I think I did a pretty
decent job.




KorvaxBasePS-InsideThere was a new PlayStation video today that is pretty similar to the demo Sean did with IGN last week. I noticed though that when Sean goes into the Korvax Base, the same base from the IGN video, the banners hanging around the room are different. I wonder what that’s about? Could it be that they changed KorvaxBannerNewthe graphics for the banners between the time the videos were made? Since it’s the same planet and base from both videos, I’m not sure what to think about why the banners are different. I thought maybe that the banners were procedurally generated, but everything else is the same, so I don’t think that’s the case here.

The IGN video Korvax Base.
The PlayStation video Korvax Base.

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