Leaked Photo showing the Korvax Aliens

Click picture for larger view.

I cut this screenshot out of the full picture and sharpened it so the text could be read easier. You can see the full picture below.
It looks like the Korvax wear spacesuits. It’s interesting to see how the conversation tree’s look.

Click picture for larger view.

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New Screenshots

3 new screenshots from No Man’s Sky.

Landing Pad
Alien Creatures

I found something interesting in the first picture. I made a zoomed up version of the picture and I see what looks like an Alien inside the door.

Release Date for No Man’s Sky Revealed

Walkers-650x366It was revealed today on the No Man’s Sky official website that No Man’s Sky will be released on PS4 and PC on June 21st in North America. It will release on June 22nd in Europe, and June 24th in the UK. The game will cost $59.99 for the regular game. You can pre-order the PS4 digital copy at this LINK on the PlayStation Store. You can also order disc copies of the game at any gaming store.
Gamestop has a Limited Edition version of the game that comes with a bunch of cool stuff for $79.99.
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There is an exclusive PC version that comes with a model ship and a code for the Steam version of the game for $149.99. You can order it on iam8bit.com.
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