No Man’s Sky Nominated For Award

No Man’s Sky has been nominated by the Design Museum in London for the “Design of the Year 2015” award in the Digital category.
It’s one of 76 things selected from across all architecture, digital, fashion, graphics, products and fashion by a bunch of design experts.
Hopefully it wins, we’ll let you know if it does.
Thanks to Monjacu on our Forums for posting this news!

No Man’s Sky Grant Duncan at GDC 2015

Grant DuncanNo Man’s Sky Art Director Grant Duncan will be at GDC 2015. He’ll be showing some glimpses of the technology they’ve developed to produce procedural places, creatures and vegetation in No Man’s Sky. Click this LINK to go to the main No Man’s Sky website for all the details on where, when and what Grant will be talking about.

First No Man’s Sky Fan Film

A No Man’s Sky fan named Mat Hill has made a fantastic Fan Film based on the game. He and the others he worked with did  a great job on recreating a ship from the game. It looks amazing. Watch it for yourself and see if you agree it’s great!
For more on how the film was made, click on this LINK and read about what all it took to make the film.

Sean Murray stepping down from talking at gaming events?

Sean Murray Founder - Hello Games

This news comes from a recent tweet from the Hello Games Twitter account.
The tweet stated, “Sean won’t be appearing at any public events from here on. We’re really sorry for anyone expecting him at GDC, SWSX or DICE.
It appears that maybe Mr. Murray has decided his time is best spent working on the game instead of talking about it.
Hello Games may appoint someone else into the position of public relations to talk about the game.